My first visit of Iški vintgar

I’ve heard about “Iški vintgar” (Iška gorge) quite a few times, but this year I decided it’s time for me to visit it and see it for myself. It was just a short visit with some walking along the river and enjoying a bit lower temperatures than elsewhere. At first I was quite surprised by the number of parked cars. I assumed there will be a lot of people, but this still surprised me.
At the last parking spot starts a path that goes along the river. There are gravel beaches everywhere and some are accessible only if you walk through the shallow water. It is really nice and beautiful, but right away the crowd bothered me. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, I’m sure there must be days when it’s even worse, but to me it really didn’t feel like enjoying the nature. I wanted to take some photos of flowing water, but more or less everywhere there were people and I didn’t want to take photos with them. When we went further up the stream less and less people were hanging out on those beaches so I was able to take some photos, though not as good and as many as I would want to.
So my final thoughts about this place: it’s nice, it’s refreshing when it’s too hot in the city, it’s close to Ljubljana, you can play and jump around the water, but don’t expect much privacy and peace. Next time when I will want some summer refreshment in nature, I think I’ll go to Kamniška Bistrica. For me it’s about the same distance, only that there is much less people and much more peace. =)


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