From ancient Roman times to medieval era and then to modern science

This is a bit long title of the blog post, but I couldn’t think of better way to put all these different eras into one sentence. I was in Ljubljana and now that summer temperatures started there is a lot going on. This weekend there were three events that I checked out.
First I went to ancient Roman times when Ljubljana was named Emona. This year the city is celebrating 2000 years since this ancient city was established and there are different events and exhibitions on this topic. This weekend they made a small Roman military camp in the middle of the park in city centre. I must say I expected more, not only three or four tents and about ten soldiers and ten ordinary citizens and Caesar (or at least it think it was him). I liked the idea, since I am a huge fan of that era in history, but the realization just didn’t meet my expectations. But nevertheless it was still pretty cool and nice to see.
After that I came across a sign that directed me to Medieval fair. That was a pleasant surprise, although the fair was quite small and to be honest, not so interesting. Only few stands and not much cool stuff to check out. Or maybe I just visited too many fairs of this kind and I became more critical. But still, it was interesting to come from ancient times to medieval era. It was like a time machine, from 1st century to probably around 11th century or something like that. Not bad to jump 1000 years in only few minutes. =D
And on top of all that, this weekend there was a science festival called Znastival, so there were stands with different simple science experiments all over the city. I was a bit late, so I only checked a few, but I realized most of them must be interesting to children, to me, most of them were a bit boring. Or maybe I’m just really not very interested in science, or at least not on this level or topic or something. Anyway, it still felt a bit funny to jump from medieval times to more modern and scientific era.
And since I was in Ljubljana and it was a great sunny day, I couldn’t resist to take some ordinary photos too. So here is a small selection from this Saturday. =)


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