Apartment in a house

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts I am building my architecture and real estate photography portfolio. This time here are typical real estate photos that are usually used for different promotional reasons.
I must say, it really annoys me when I check different websites for real estate selling and I see horrible, dark, cluttered and crooked photos of buildings. Do sellers think those photos will actually convince me into buying or renting? Well yes, ok, I might get some idea about the place, but for sure I will not be like: “Yes, I want to live here!” Let’s be honest, photos are the first impression and it should be a good one.
It’s kind of sad that most agents and sellers don’t think that good photography should be worth the money and they don’t invest in that, but I am certain that many homes would be sold so much faster if they would start thinking about quality photos. And no, simply buying an expensive camera and not knowing how to use it correctly will not help (I heard that a few times…).
So this time here are some photos of a apartment in a house, no bedrooms for now. I hope you like it anyway. =)

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