Apartments Bor – Kranjska Gora

I know it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post and published some new photos, but I’ve been so busy lately. I got a job, I am finishing some last diploma details and other school stuff, but also I manage to work on some other projects as well. The one mentioned in the title is one of those.
Again it happened that I got an unexpected call and got offered a photography project. You can’t imagine my excitement when I heard the job is about real-estate photography, since that is more or less the area of photography I’m most interested in. So I drove to Apartments Bor in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, where I took some outdoor and indoor photos of apartments that are available for rent. I am quite satisfied with the end result, since this was one of my first projects in this sort of photography area. I know there is still a lot of things I need to improve, I know now what kind of problems might occur and what I could do to make the end result much better. And I have to admit that I would probably do a better job if I could take some more time and maybe had more “open hands” about what to take photos of. But it’s ok. I’m grateful I had this opportunity and I can’t wait to get a next project in this photography area.
So, here are some photos I did at this photo session, more is visible on main website of the apartments.


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