Burg Hochosterwitz in Austria

Burg Hochosterwitz in German language or Grad Ostrovica in Slovene, is a hill with castle on top and is located in Austria, close to Klagenfurt. I was at Wörthersee during the weekend and this castle is close-by, so it was nice to include it in this trip. I admit, it’s quite impressive castle, cute, medieval and very interesting to me, because I love historical stuff and buildings.
Well I must say, not only that I liked the castle, but I really enjoyed the view too and I just had to take some photos of interesting landscape and fields below me. I admit, it also felt a bit like I’m the queen and there is my land below… Haha! Work people down there, produce some crops! =D
Ok, so enough with jokes… I know it’s actually not funny, because those times were hard… But still, you can’t help the feelings you get in this kind of situations. =) Anyway, this time there is some more photos, so I hope you’ll enjoy them! =)


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