Goodbye Óbidos (days 126-127)

Day 126, Friday, 25.01.2013
Well I slept a bit longer again, though I should wake up earlier, because I wanted to go to school with Gaja. I wanted to talk to our Erasmus coordinator here, but I was just totally out and sleepy that I decided to go to that office on Monday. =) And the weather outside was so weird again. It wasn’t raining, but it was cloudy and it felt like it will rain all the time. You know that feeling in the air, the pressure and moisture… Ah, Portuguese weather… Well so I was packing some things in that box that I will send back home, doing some stuff on my computer and just being a bit lazy. Well it was a bit weird day, what else can I say. And also I’m a bit sick of Portugal and the weather doesn’t help much, so I’m a little bored and so on… Oh well. =)

Day 127, Saturday, 26.01.2013

Finally the weather forecast said it will be a nice day! No rain, maybe even some sun! Yay! So first thing in the morning I did some laundry, because it’s been a while since I was able to put clothes out to dry without worrying if it will start to rain or not. Then I had a bit larger breakfast and then I prepared my backpack with some essential things and left the apartment. I went on a bus to Óbidos. Gaja didn’t want to join me and Damir said he will come a bit later by bike, so it was just me. But I enjoyed it! Well it’s usually more fun when you have some company, at least to me, but in this case I had a lot of time to simply walk around the town and take some photos without having to consider my company could be bored. So I took a lot of photos of those old buildings, windows, stairs, doors, city wall and so on. I think I’ll have to take some time to edit them. =)
Anyway, I bought some souvenirs for my family, enjoyed the sunny day, took photos and had fun by simply being there. =) I really like Óbidos, though after 3 hours you really run out of options what else to do by yourself there. But then right in time Damir arrived with his bike so we went for another walk through the town and we went behind the city walls where he remembered that the last time we saw some adrenaline park or something. So we went to search for it and found it. It’s not actually an adrenalin park, but it is some sort of activity area where you climb and risk some injuries… =D My shoes were not the right ones for this kind of stuff so I didn’t try to do anything stupid, especially when I saw that even Damir in his skater shoes was having some trouble. But as usually he had to try everything and so he was climbing on those requisites. I called him “Monkey Boy” once again… =)
Then we bumped into three Erasmus girls and we talked a bit, once again said goodbye and good luck and everything. It’s funny because we did that probably like three times now and of course we always thing it’s the last time, but somehow here we are again… =) Well Damir and I decided to go for a drink in the city, but when I saw they serve fruit I decided to order mango cut into slices. I never saw this as part of the regular offer in any bar or restaurant. I really liked it. Then Damir went back home with his bike and I went to the bus stop about 10 minutes early. I was really surprised that the bus arrived about 5 minutes before it was supposed to. And it didn’t wait until the right time, so if anyone would get on a station a minute or two later they would miss the bus. That really surprised me, because it’s so unusual that something in Portugal would actually be before the schedule. Oh well, at least I was on time and so I arrived home as planned. =) I’ll post more photos tomorrow. =)

Having fun on my own! =)
Having fun on my own! =)
My bridge and my castle! =)
My bridge and my castle! =)

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