Last drinks with Erasmus people (days 124-125)

Day 124, Wednesday, 23.01.2013
I went to the Staples building in the morning, because on the internet is said there is also a GLS office and I wanted to ask them if the prices that are online are the right ones. In Portugal you never know, so I thought it will be better if I check. Gaja went with me. We got to the Staples building and we were looking for some sort of a sign or anything that would let us know there actually is a GLS office. No signs anywhere. We went inside and asked those people that work at the information desk and they showed us another counter in the corner. We were looking for some GLS sign there, but again, there was none. Well we went to the counter anyway and asked a man that worked there and he said: “Yes, this is GLS office.” Really?! Where are the signs? How are we supposed to know? That’s really so weird. =) Anyway, we got all the information we needed and Gaja and I bought our own big box for the package. It’s 50x40x40 cm, so it’s quite large. It was funny to carry it back home, because it wasn’t in the shape of the box, but it was just a large piece of carton. Because it was windy it was quite a project to get it home in one piece. =)
Then I tried to study Portuguese a bit more, but I just felt like nothing is getting in my head, so I decided to stop. Then right before we were supposed to leave the apartment I realized I once again forgot how you say sixteen. I looked at the dictionary, saw that it’s “dezasseis” and so I closed the dictionary. Right away I was like: “Wait what it is again?” =) Damir was laughing at me, but then he realized he has the same problem. Hahaha! =D
Anyway, we went to school and we had our Portuguese exam. First it was the oral exam and we had to talk to each other and sort of have a bit of conversation. Gaja and I had to compare our mothers. It was a bit funny and weird and we were all a bit lost… Oh well, we got through. Then we had the hearing exam and I didn’t understand one of the sentences even a bit. It was just said so fast! Then it was time for written part of exam and I think I did ok, but there were some exercises that I just had to guess. And there was a problem that I had to write down parts of human face, but I only knew eyes, nose, and then I wrote mouth instead of the lips and I was guessing how the teeth were… But that was ok, because some other guys had parts of human body and nobody knew anything! We had this in some papers, but we never talked about it at school so nobody knew that we were actually supposed to know all these things! I have to say that we are all a bit disappointed by our language professor. I know she’s young, but her learning system just doesn’t work very well and she really didn’t tell us much about what are we supposed to know for the exam. Oh well, I believe I will pass; I just know that I will not have that many points. =)
After the exam we decided to go on a drink with our class mates. Well actually it was a dinner, but I ate so much for lunch that I only ate a fruit salad. =) But the whole point was just to hang out a bit, to enjoy the company for the last time and so on. It was fun and we talked a lot, laughed and so on. I already said to all the guys that if anyone will visit Slovenia they are more than welcome to stay at my place. And they were all nice and offered the same in return. Maybe I’ll use the opportunity some time. =) Anyway, I liked the evening.

Day 125, Thursday, 24.01.2013

Since I went to bed a bit late, I woke up around a little before 10:00, which is quite late for my standards. Oh well, why not… Well I talked to my family via Skype quite a lot. I’m starting to miss them all and I can’t wait to return and hug them. That means a lot you know, because I wasn’t much of a hugger until now. But I’m sure that when I’ll return I’m going to hug everybody like crazy! And I have to film the reaction of my dog when I return. I’m sure it will be so funny. Maybe he will just stare at me and have no idea what to do, or maybe he will just jump around me like crazy, or maybe it will be just like he maybe didn’t see me for few hours… Who would know, but I just need a video of the reaction. =)
Through the day I packed some things in that box I bought yesterday, so now it’s half full. I still need to put my weight lifts in it and my ball for sitting, then I think that will be more or less it. Oh and one more pair of shoes probably. So the heaviest things will go home in this package and I’m sure I will not have any problems with too heavy luggage at the airport. I think this is the best solution.
In the evening I forgot that we were supposed to meet at bar square with some Erasmus people that are still in the city. We were supposed to meet at 23:30 and that is really late time for me, because I’m more of a morning person and I usually go to sleep at around midnight. So luckily Damir reminded me and so I had to get over my comfortable zone in bed. Gaja didn’t join us this time, because she rather stayed at home. Well we did go and so we met with Latvians, Brazilian guy, some Spanish girls and one German girl that I barely saw her during last few months. Well it was fun and we talked a lot. Lucas always has some funny stories to tell. The rain didn’t stop us! We sat under the roof and we had fun. Once again I told everybody that they are welcome to stay at my place if they ever visit Slovenia. It really like meeting people from other countries and so I would really be happy if any of them will come to visit some time. And now it was really that time when we realized that we are going different ways and who know when we will see each other again…
Anyway, we got home late and I was all cold and I just couldn’t wait to get in my bad and warm myself under the blanket. I would warm myself over the fireplace or radiator if we had one… Well we have a small radiator but Gaja has it in her room, but she was already asleep when we arrived home. So the blanket was my friend. =)

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