The Weirdest bad day (day 121)

Day 121, Sunday, 20.01.2013
I got woken up by a siren at 7:00. It’s the same siren as usually every day at 13:00, but sometimes it happens it goes off in the middle of the day. I have no idea why, but sometimes it just goes on and on for about five minutes. And today it was so early in the morning. I always think there must be a reason for all that noise and that maybe there is actually some sort of panic and alert and that maybe we have to evacuate or something. It just freaks me out sometimes. And again I didn’t know why it went off, but it was just so weird because it never went off this early before. I just hate all this alarms and sirens all the time. I guess I’m not used to live in the city or something.
Well anyway, when I realized there is nothing to worry about and no reason to panic, I just turned on my other side and covered myself with a blanket and went back to sleep for about two more hours. Then I had my breakfast and got dressed and so on. The weather outside seemed ok today, though it was still cloudy. Well just as I decided to go to buy some groceries it started to rain just a little bit. When I got around the corner of our building it was raining so much that I just had to open up my already damaged foldable umbrella. Then on my way to the store I passed the fire department and I have no idea what was going on there, but my head started to hurt really bad when I passed that building. But when I was a couple of hundred meters away the pain just disappeared. I was weird. Well then I was at the store and I wanted to buy myself a new umbrella, but they didn’t have any, so I had to return back home with the damaged one. It was still raining and now it got windy again. Then again when I passed that fire department my head started to hurt as hell! I have no idea why! Maybe there is some sort of frequency that I can’t hear but my body can feel it or something? I really don’t know, but it was the worst headache I ever had. And because of all the wind my umbrella got turned around like five times on my way home, so it got even more damaged and now it’s really ready for meeting a dumpster.
When I returned home I was so tired and I was shaking and my head didn’t feel well. I can say for sure that this was the weirdest and most tiring walk to the store I ever had. It was so weird! So when I returned I just had to lie down for few minutes and relax. I got better, but I wasn’t totally ok for the rest of the day. So it has been a weird day and I really couldn’t do anything very useful, except maybe like a half of hour of learning Portuguese language. So today it is officially the weirdest bad day I’ve had here in Portugal. =)

It looks quite ok here...
It looks quite ok here…

And it's more or less totally flat now... =)
And it’s more or less totally flat now… =)
Now it doesn't look so good...
Now it doesn’t look so good…

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