Extreme weather today (day 120)

Day 120, Saturday, 19.01.2013
Whole night was extremely windy and it was scary to listen all that howling of the wind. So I didn’t sleep well because of it. When I woke up I didn’t want to get out of the bed, because I wasn’t sure if I want to lift the roller blind up, or should I leave it down. I didn’t want to spend all day in a dark room, so I lifted it. It was still so windy outside! When I looked at the aerials on the roofs I wasn’t sure if they will hold, or will they be just blown away. It was like that throughout the whole day. Dumpsters at the end of our street were lying on a ground, there were some broken branches on a sidewalk, a drying rack for clothes was lying on a roof and also that trolley with a bag, which old people use for shopping – that was ON a roof too! Where was that grandma that owns it, I don’t know. Maybe the wind blew her away? =S
Well we checked some news and photos we found on the internet and it looks like there is a Red Alert for the whole country. The ocean is flooding, waves were 10m high, winds are actually blowing with more than 100km/h and also rivers are flooding more inside of the country. So these really are extreme weather conditions! Damir went to the bakery during the day and only one was open, because others were out of electricity. We were without electricity for about two hours in the morning. Anyway, Damir said he had seen a bird that was flying and suddenly a gust of wind just threw it on the ground and then a car ran him over. So it’s a bad day for birds as well. =S And also bad day for trees, because he said there is a lot of broken and fallen trees in a park.
Then in the evening he decided to go to Foz do Arelho by his bike. He is one crazy person! He said waves are really extreme there, wind is even stronger than here in Caldas and there is sand all over the air of course. People aren’t shuffling snow but sand! There are broken street signs and damaged street lamps everywhere. So yes, weather is crazy and extreme. I kind of wanted to go out of the house to see it, but on the other hand I didn’t want to catch a cold or something, because it was really so windy and rainy and cold… I’m more of a summer person; this weather is just not for me. =) So here are just few photos that I did through the windows of our apartment.

Trolley and some clothes on a roof
Trolley and some clothes on a roof
Drying rack on a roof
Drying rack on a roof
Dumpsters and branches on a sidewalk...
Dumpsters and branches on a sidewalk…

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