Rainy windy days again! (days 119-121)

Day 119, Wednesday, 16.01.2013
So I decided to make myself a bit different breakfast today. I made something we call “šmorn” (from German word “Schmarren”), but I don’t think there is an English word for it. It’s like a pancake, just that you add some raisins and you tear it on smaller pieces. Then we usually eat it with some marmalade. Well since I’m vegan I didn’t use any eggs, but instead I used a banana. It was the first time I made this dish with banana and I must say I was surprised how good it was! So tasty! =D It really made my day. =)
Then I did some more photo editing and stuff like that. Then later in the afternoon Gaja and I went to ESAD a bit early, because we had to talk with one of our professors – the one we have on Fridays. We showed him some of our new photos that we did at a beach on Monday. He liked them, but yet again we got some unusual answers and feedback about them. I mean, on some of mine photos he noticed few straws of grass that bothered him, but I actually like them there. So it’s a bit weird. But ok, we got his feedback and so we can bring our final work on Friday.
After that we had our final class of Portuguese language course, because next week we already have the exam. We’re all a bit worried about it, but I think we’ll manage to do it well. We just have to study a bit more these last days and it will be ok. Today we tried to fill a test on our own and I must say I did quite ok. So I’m not worried for next week too much. =)

Day 120, Thursday, 17.01.2013
Ugly weather outside. I didn’t feel like going out, doing anything special or anything not so special. I spent my day on my computer, editing some photos, preparing some of them for my last class tomorrow and that’s more or less it. And I’m also so happy when I get to Skype with my family! Yay! =) But yeah, I guess my day was nothing special. Oh, and I did some Portuguese language course practices. So I did do something quite useful! =P

Day 121, Friday, 18.01.2013
So it was very windy outside again and I had to wake up early. Today it wasn’t that easy to get out of my warm bed, but I managed to force myself. =) So Gaja and I just wanted to go out in the windy day when it started to rain. Well since I forgot my umbrella at class last week and I still didn’t buy new one, we knew that can’t be good. I only have my damaged folding umbrella that is barely still holding together. But ok, it wasn’t raining that much, so what the hell, we went out of the house. We realized that even with normal umbrella it wouldn’t be much better, because of all the wind. And again, in front of the school I stepped on a wrong paving stone, because it moved and there was water under it and so my foot got all wet. Damn you Portuguese construction!
Well we were throwing away time at school again, because we were there from 9:00 to 14:00 and we did some work that could be done in about half an hour, so more or less we were again just sitting and waiting and doing nothing. Thank God that was the last class. Anyway, we finished our work, we did what we had to do, now we just have to bring some photos on a CD on Monday and we’re done.
Lately I’m having this feeling of hating Portugal again. The weather sucks again, it’s colder, last few classes were lame again and I can’t get used to this easy-going, lazy lifestyle. It’s just not me. So I can’t wait to return to Slovenia for few weeks. I need it. And also it’s very cold inside our apartment today, so I guess that’s another thing that throws me in a bit bad mood. Damir checked the temperature at night and it said 12,3°C in his room, so this is the conditions in which we live. We turned on our portable radiator in our rooms today, but it sucks because it helps only for a while, because of the bad insulation and because of the wind that gets inside through all the holes…
Well, to cheer me and you up, here are some more photos I did on Monday in Foz do Arelho. This is why I’m even returning for the second semester. =)


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