Abstract black and white (day 118)

Day 118, Tuesday, 15.01.2013
I woke up quite early again, but not because I’d have to, but it just happened. =) After breakfast, some photo editing and stuff like that, I went to the nearest copy and print shop. I had to make a few copies of bills and other important stuff that we need to save. And also I had to print some papers for Damir and me, about the second semester of Erasmus exchange. Those guys at the shop were really nice. =)
Then I went to Lidl, because I needed to buy some groceries and on my way I was thinking about working out and how I’d love to have those small lifts that you put around your ankles and wrists, so when you go for a walk or you work out, there is a bit of extra weight and so it makes it a bit harder. And also for a while now I was thinking about buying those small lifts, so maybe I could lift them while I watch a movie, so I could combine “lazy” moments with exercise. And then I come to Lidl and I see all of this in one package. It was really cheap and also it was the last package. That was so funny, because really, I was just thinking about it and there it was! So without second thoughts I took it and bought it. =D I was like: “That’s it!” =D
When I returned home I cooked some lunch, but right after that I used that stuff. I put on a movie and I worked out while watching it. After that I did some extra exercises just for legs and so on. I love these weights! I think it was a really good decision to buy them. =)
Well, here are some of my abstract photos that I made yesterday in Foz. This time they are in black and white, because I think they look better like that and contrasts stand out more.

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