Foz do Arelho and rush to ESAD (day 117)

Day 117, Monday, 14.01.2013
Funny, it was another day when I didn’t have any problems with waking up early. I got up at 7:30 today, so I had enough time for all the morning stuff and I didn’t have to rush. So, why did I wake up that early? Gaja and I decided to go to Foz do Arelho today, because we both needed some more photos for our Friday class and we both needed to go to the coastline for those photos. We got on a bus at 9:00am. I checked the weather forecast for today on four different pages and they all said it will be sunny throughout the whole day. Well that was not really the case. It was mostly cloudy, with some sunny moments. =) But we were happy that at least it wasn’t raining.
So we arrived to Foz, we went to the beach and took all the photos we needed. It was nice to see the ocean again, but it was very windy, so it wasn’t so pleasant. But I was a bit surprised to see the empty beach, only few people here and there, simply walking on a beach. Even the streets were more or less empty. It seemed like a ghost town. I guess that’s how these places look like when it’s not a touristic season and the weather isn’t very nice… No matter what, to see and smell the ocean and to hear the waves, well that’s just priceless and it feels good every time. =)
We returned to Caldas da Rainha at around 13:00 and we rushed home to cook some lunch. Right after that we hurried to ESAD, because we had a class and we had to represent our final works. As usually, we sat there for quite a while, before it was our turn to tell something about our photos. I really don’t get it, but again, my photos were obviously not good enough to the professor. Now he prefers the ones I did the last time. I don’t understand why is he confusing me like that and I’m really not sure what to think about any of those photos. It’s weird. But ok, I don’t care anymore. My work here is done and I just have to wait for him to grade my photos.
It was quite a busy day and we returned back home just before dark. Then I needed some time to simply breathe and forget about everything. You know, those moments when you just let your mind drift away for a while. =) And now I just edited some photos from today, though they are not really mine. Gaja is the one to take the credit for them. =)


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