Goodbye Erasmus students (days 115-116)

Day 115, Saturday, 12.01.2013
First thing I did when I woke up was a bit of work-out, because I just felt like it. =) I was surprised it was sunny outside, since the weather forecast said it will be raining heavily through the day. So I looked outside and I couldn’t see any black clouds on any side of the sky and that’s why I decided to do some laundry. And then it was actually sunny until 15:00, then it was raining for about 10 minutes, and then it was sunny again. It started to rain in the evening again, but then it stopped again.
Anyway, I went to the nearest grocery store and to the fruit market. I wanted to buy some mandarins, but that lady that was selling them just kept on putting more and more in my bag and at I couldn’t convince her that it’s enough. But ok, I guess I’d eat a lot of them anyway, so I didn’t argue. And also I bought more fruits because I planned to make a fruit salad for the evening. So the afternoon was nothing special, just computer work again, enjoying the sunny day and so on. But then I started to cut all the fruits and I made that fruit salad with pineapple, pears, apples, bananas and mandarins.
Then we all wanted to leave the house, but Damir was still preparing some food, so Gaja and I decided to wait for him to finish. He baked something with marmalade and chocolate… =) So where were we going anyway? Well we had a goodbye party with all the Erasmus students, because a lot of them are leaving at the end of next week and we really wanted to see each other before we all go different ways. It’s a bit weird because we just became friends and now we’re all going back in different countries. But I hope maybe some of them will be able to visit me some day and maybe I’ll be able to visit them. Who would know…
Anyway, we went to “Casa Bonita” where the party was and I think we were all there or maybe one or two people were missing. And we had fun just talking, joking, taking group photos and so on. It was a very nice evening and I wish we could do it again a couple of times, but I guess it’s too late now.
And I just have to comment this. The house where the party was looks really nice. It has a garden, barbecue and large rooms, but then I noticed the problem with mold on some curtains. Well ok, that’s usual in Portugal I guess and also the house is a bit old, though it still looks very cute. But then I went to the bathroom and a large part of the ceiling was covered with mold. Also the mold was on a shower cabin and some other places in the bathroom. But that wasn’t the worst part. One of the Erasmus guys that lives in there, showed us his room and when he opened the door it smelled really bad. You could smell the mold! One wall of his room was just gross and awful! He said he can’t even sleep in there anymore, so now he sleeps on a couch in a living room. Then he said he went home for about two weeks during the holidays and he left some shoes in that room, because he didn’t want to take them home. When he returned his shoes were covered with mold and they were just destroyed. He showed them to us and they actually looked like they were there for couple of years, not two weeks! So yes, moisture here in Portugal is crazy, awful and we all hate it! And to make things even worse, houses and apartments aren’t well built and have no isolation.
Ok so, that was our hanging out evening and it was interesting and fun. And we were very lucky it didn’t rain when we walked back home. =)

Day 116, Sunday, 13.01.2013
Well I went to sleep at 3:30am, so I slept a bit longer today and I woke up at 10:30am. I had a pineapple for breakfast and that’s always a good thing, because it gives me that fresh feeling in the morning and it just wakes me up. =) Then I did some stuff on my computer and then my family called me on Skype. It was quite a surprise, because usually it’s just my mom that’s calling me, sometimes it’s my dad, but they both use the same account you know. This time when their camera turned on and I was able to see the picture there were my mom, my dad and my grandparents! It was so nice to see them after a while! I really didn’t expect so many people on the screen. And then my dad put my dog in front of the camera and I just wanted to cuddle that cute fluffy ball of fur! Oh, I miss my dog! I can’t wait to return home and just spoil him with all the cuddling! =D
So I talked to all of them for quite a while and they brightened my day. Then I sat on a table in my room, because I really like it when the sun shines in and if I sit on the table it’s directly on my face. That feels really good. So I just sat there and sketch a bit and did some crossword puzzles. I like to do that, though maybe some of you might think that’s weird. =) Well, then the weather started to be more like Portuguese weather again and it kept on changing from rainy to sunny, but windy all the time. So sitting on the table wasn’t so enjoyable anymore and so it was a computer time again. And also I went over some words in English-Portuguese dictionary, because there were some that I really wanted to know. And now here I am, writing this. And I’m posting this now, because I don’t think I will do anything worth mentioning today. Probably some photo editing again, that’s it. =)


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