I need to take more photos (day 114)

Day 114, Friday, 11.01.2013
Surprisingly I had no problems with waking up early today. I didn’t sleep very well so I was awake before my alarm went off. Lately I really don’t sleep well in general and my back hurts in the morning. I think it must be because this mattress isn’t very good, so I guess it’s about time I go home and sleep in my awesome and comfortable bed. =)
So Gaja and I had a class in the morning. Our professor checked our photos and he liked them. But he said to me the same thing as he did last week, which is that I have to go to the sea side again and take some more photos, because I have one with a bit different composition and angle, so he would like me to do more photos like that. I hope the weather will be ok, though the forecast doesn’t look good for the next couple of days. Oh well, let’s hope for the best.
After the class I went to the printing room again and it was that cool funny guy again. He’s just that kind of person that brightens your day. =) So I printed my photos for the class I have on Monday, because I’m assuming that there might be a lot of people printing photos on Monday morning and that’s why I did it today. Photos turned out quite nice, but I really hope that professor will like them as well. So now I have one more thing done and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
On my way back home I stopped at Vivaci and I bought myself a Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese dictionary, so I’ll be able to take it to the language course with me. Since I will have an officially recognized level of basic Portuguese language, I guess it’s worth having a dictionary. You never know when you might need it. =)
When I returned I cooked myself some lunch and then I realized I have a lot of free time. =) So I spent it for painting my nails in light blue color, meditating, working out a bit and internet stuff again. Also I tried to find some adequate literature for the theoretical part of my diploma, but I guess I picked a topic that doesn’t have any specific literature yet. So if anybody has any references or ideas where to find anything about connection between architecture and water in photography, I would be really happy if you would share it with me. Thank you!
And sorry, no new photos on my blog today…


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