Light-painting with ghost faces (days 110-111)

Day 110, Monday, 07.01.2013
Another non-special day… Did some photo editing, realized that my computer has a lot of issues when I try to edit bigger files… I guess it’s time for replacement, though I think this one will be ok for few more months. I’ll just avoid working with large files and complex projects. Since it’s another day when I don’t feel like writing, this is it for the day.

Day 111, Tuesday, 08.01.2013
I went to the fruit market today, because I needed to buy some vegetables and fruits. So I decided I’ll buy some pears and I passes few stands with prices around 0.70€ per kilo, but suddenly I noticed some smaller pears and the price was only 0.30€ per kilo! I took 7 pears and I paid only 0.10€! That’s just crazy! I don’t think I ever bought pears so cheap. =D
Well it was a bit grey, cloudy day, though the temperatures were still really nice. But after getting home I preferred to stay inside. I was really happy in the afternoon when sun showed itself a bit and in usually shines in my room, directly on my table. So I’m sitting on a sun while working on my computer. I guess I don’t see the screen that well at that time, but still, it’s so worth it! I love sun! =)
In the evening I had to do some homework for one of the classes, so it was light-painting time again. Here is my result.

The ghost of me is light-painting my room.
Ghost of me light-painted the bathroom.
Another ghost of me light-painting the place.

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