Nature gets everywhere (days 108-109)

Day 108, Saturday, 05.01.2013
It was a lovely warm sunny day outside, so I decided to put my beddings in washing machine. I just love it when you go to bed and you have this fresh feeling around you; though it’s not that perfect here in Portugal, because of all the moisture. But since it was sunny outside it was still quite nice at the end. =)
Anyway, while I was cooking my lunch our apartment owner stopped by to borrow my camera. She needed to take few photos of some dog she found in the street and she’s taking care of her (yes, it’s a she) for a couple of days now, but she really needs to find her some other home. That’s really nice of her. I hope poor dog will get a nice home.
Well after lunch I went out to take some photos, I went to shop and at the same time I was enjoying a walk on the sun. It was great! And it was really warm! I loved it! When I returned home I did some Portuguese language practices and edited few photos. That was more or less all for the day.

Day 109, Sunday, 06.01.2013

As soon as I woke up and had a delicious mango fruit for breakfast, I started to work on my Portuguese language course homework and practices. I really needed to work on it more. I did quite a lot of that, so hopefully I learned some new words. =) And again I edited some photos from yesterday. I don’t know what else to write. I guess I’m just in the mood for writing these days. So that’s why here are some photos I took yesterday.


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