Lisbon architecture (day 107)

Day 107, Friday, 04.01.2013
I had my Friday morning class today. I left home with conscious decision that I’ll be a bit late and when I arrived at school I was actually right in time. All the students were already there and the class was just starting. Well to make a longer story short, I was assigned to help two students with some Photoshop work, but they don’t speak English well, or maybe they just don’t want to, so that was more or less useless. And so once again I was all bored while others were editing some photos. I knew I had to scan my film and turn it in digital format, so I waited for professor to tell me how to do it. After three hours I realized that it will take too much time before I get any attention, so I asked one of the class mates to help me with it, because he just started doing the same thing with his film. Well I did that and at the end I got some attention from professor and he’s actually really nice, but it seems it’s just too hard for him to work with Portuguese and Erasmus students at the same time. I don’t know.
I returned home few hours later then I usually do and I was tired and really hungry. I started cooking right away. Then I decided to enjoy the afternoon sun for a while, because it was shining so nicely in my room. It was actually quite warm, even though I had my window open. Then I did some Portuguese language exercises and started doing some homework for the class.
As for the photos from our trip… I edited some of those from Lisbon this time, so there you go; architecture of the city or at least parts of architecture. =)


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