Baking potica (day 95)

Day 95 – Sunday, 23.12.2012
Well I spent most of the morning on my computer, but after lunch I started my mission for the day. I decided to bake potica – Slovenian traditional dish. Because I’m vegan I had to find a suitable recipe. I did bake potica before, though I always had some help from my mom, but I never baked vegan potica. Well I found some recipe and I started with the filling, that wasn’t made from walnuts but with almonds, and then I started to work on dough. I had some problems with that because it was all sticky, but Damir helped me and at the end I got quite nice result. When I started to use a glass bottle as a rolling pin it worked well, but the dough became a bit sticky again, even though I put flour under it… Oh well, in the end it turned out ok, so I put the filling on flattened dough and I started to roll it. I had some sticky problems again, but I did it. We put the potica in the oven and waited.
Yay! I made it! My first vegan potica and it turned out to be well baked and actually really good! I feel sLOVEnian now! =D Hahaha! I think I’ll be baking it more often now! =D

My first vegan potica!
My first vegan potica!

After my baking was done, Damir occupied the kitchen with his cookie mission. Not one, but I think two types of cookies were in his plan. I kept him company for most of the time. I kept on asking him if I can help him with something, but obviously he had everything under control and he insisted on doing everything by himself. Oh well, it was nice to just hang out and chat.
Oh, and I have to say that today we had really beautiful cloudscape again and I just had to take some photos. The colours were amazing and so surreal!

6 thoughts on “Baking potica (day 95)

  1. Dober Dan Anja,
    I am enjoying your blog and particularly your Potica story and recipe. We, too, are Slovenes- Slovenian Americans teaching how to make and selling Poticas. Visit us at and if you are in the States please visit us in Colorado.
    Our Slovenian surnames are Kajfez and Gornik. Feel free to contact me anytime at
    Vesel Bozic!

    1. Thank you for you comment! I posted the recipe on my other blog, if you’re interested in trying it out. =)
      And I’m planing to visit USA in summer 2014, so I might really stop by for a visit and try how Slovenian potica tastes like across the ocean. =D
      In vesel Božič in srečno novo leto tudi vam! =D

      1. I’d love to be your guest and photographer! I think that if everything goes according to plan I’ll be in USA at that time, so I guess I really could come. Thank you very much for your invitation and please, let me know when you will know more details. =)
        I wish you amazing holidays and a lot of potica! =D

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