Waiting for my knee (days 90-91)

Day 90 – Tuesday, 18.12.2012
Ok so it was just another ordinary day and the weather seemed like it was going to be a bit better than previous days, but I was wrong. It got all cloudy again and I did some laundry again and through the whole afternoon clothes didn’t dry much. Oh this weather is so weird here. And it’s really warm, so it’s totally something I’m not used to.
Also I still had a bit of crisis and bad mood through the day. I think it’s just a combination of opinions from yesterday, my damaged knee that is still healing, weird weather and a bit of home sick moments, so you get like a really lousy combination. =) Oh well, it happens. I’m only human; I can’t be all jumpy and happy all the time I guess. So I spent most of my day in bed just resting my knee and watching funny stuff that makes me happy. That always helps.
Later in the morning I still decided to go out to the fruit market and buy some food, and later in the afternoon I went to the shop, even though my leg started to hurt a bit more. But I needed some food… Well I kind of needed an excuse to get out of the apartment a bit, because I just feel so useless just lying in bed most of the time. I can’t really work out and I can’t go out in the park and so on. I’m just resting my leg as much as possible.

Day 91 – Wednesday, 19.12.2012
Well it was another ‘stay in bed’ day most of the time. My leg was a bit better today, but still not as healthy as I would like it to be. I guess it needs some more time for healing. But I did my homework for Portuguese language course today and I had to write an essay. I had to compare Portugal with Slovenia and here is what I wrote. =)

“Eu chamo me Anja e é sou Eslovena. Atualmente eu moro em Portugal na cidade Caldas da Rainha. As pessoas aqui são mais simpático do que na Eslovenia, mas também mais lento. As motoristas aqui são pior do que na Eslovenia, mas eles sempre parar para os pedestres. As pessoas em Portugal são menor e mais magro do que Eslovenos. Mais Eslovenos têm cabelos claros e olhos azuis e mais Português têm cabelos escuro e olhos castanho. Roupas aqui são tão moderno como na Eslovenia. Clima aqui é mais cálido do que na Eslovenia, mas também tem mais umidade e vento. Portugal tem mais beira-mar do que Eslovenia, mas Eslovenia tem mais montanhas e colinas. Casas aqui têm pior do que na Eslovenia, mas são menos caro. Aqui mais lixo deitado no chão e pessoas usam mais sacos de plástico do que na Eslovenia. Português não são tão cuidado com a ecologia como a maioria Eslovenos. Coisas são bom e mau em toda parte.”

I guess you might find some mistakes if you understand Portuguese and in other case if you don’t understand Portuguese it doesn’t matter. =) So after all that homework I had this course in the evening and our professor scolded us a bit for not learning as much as we should and not doing enough exercises… We all know that, we all know we should study more! I’ll try… I have to. We have an exam at the end of January, so yes; I’ll have to learn all these things until then.
Oh and I cooked some really tasty lunch today. I cooked chickpeas and roasted some vegetables, then added chickpeas in the same pan as vegetables. It was really good! I didn’t cook chickpea for quite a while now and I almost forgot the taste of it, so it was nice to eat it after a while. =) Well, that is pretty much it for the day. Now I’m just waiting for my leg to heal…

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