Moody afternoon (day 89)

Day 89 – Monday, 17.12.2012
The weather is still all grey and cloudy, though it didn’t rain as much. Just a little bit. And it wasn’t that windy as previous days. But I think it got warmer. I checked the weather forecast for next few days and it looks like it’s going to be up to 20°C! It’s December! How am I supposed to have a feeling of winter and Christmas holidays if the weather is like that?! Not that I mind, but most people here don’t understand that we don’t have that usual feeling of December. =)
Well my morning wasn’t anything special, just internet and school stuff. After lunch I had a class and I got there half hour late, but as usually I didn’t miss anything. Everybody was still just preparing and it was like that for the next half of hour. Then I spent the next 3 and half hours listening to Portuguese blablabla again… I was so bored! I got there with hopes it will be ok and it will be different and I’ll have fun, but obviously I’m just an optimistic idiot… Beside that, everybody hated my photos. Well maybe not hate them, but nobody got them and everybody thought I should do my final series totally in different style. The only thing they agreed on was the composition of photos, but even that wasn’t to their liking. Well maybe they are right, but it’s quite rare that I actually like my photos, and I like these! I’ll ask some more people for opinion. Maybe more people from Slovenia, because they are not so familiar with scenery and buildings here, so they might see photos differently. If even they will say these photos are so lousy I don’t know what I’ll think about myself. I’ll stay a bit optimistic with the idea that maybe I just didn’t pick the theme that suits me. =)
So I got home in a bit bad mood and I had to watch some comedy and stuff that makes you feel a bit better. I’m ok now. =) Though I think I had my biggest crisis since I’m here and I really just wanted to go home and leave all these Portuguese people behind. I just hated everything about Portugal, but I kept on telling to myself that it’s just temporary thinking. I guess I’m becoming a bit home sick after all…


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