Time out (day 87)

Day 87 – Saturday, 15.12.2012
I woke up in a cloudy gray morning, but I still decided to do some laundry. I thought maybe the weather will stay like that and the clothes would dry at list a little bit. Well I was wrong. It started to rain during the day so all of the clothes that I hung out got even wetter than they were when I got them out of the washing machine. I decided to pick them up and hang them indoors. We have a moisturizer now and it helps a lot with lowering the amount of moisture in the apartment. I hope somehow these clothes will get dry despite the weather outdoors. Now I know that even if Portuguese people hang their clothes outdoors, it doesn’t mean the weather is going to dry them. =D I’ll stick to my Slovenian logic and just not do my laundry when the weather isn’t ok.
And my knee got a bit worse today. Probably because I’ve been walking quite a lot this week and I’ve always been doing something, so it didn’t have enough time to get totally well. So I decided to stay more or less in bed this weekend, because I really want my knee to be in good shape as soon as possible. I think it got worse when we went to see The Hobbit and on our way there I slipped a bit on paved sidewalk. Oh well, it will heal. =)
So my day was mostly just a mission with the laundry and just internet and movies… Nothing special, but I kind of needed that after this week. I’ve been around all the time and if not me, at least my knee needs a bit of time out. =)


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