Day with Water Theme (day 86)

Day 86 – Friday, 14.12.2012
Ok, first thing I have to write about is The Hobbit, that I watched last night. Oh my God, that is probably the most amazing movie I’ve seen so far! I mean, I knew the story because I read a book few years ago and I loved it, but I’m talking about the whole movie quality here. The picture is the most clear I’ve ever seen, I loved all the camera positions and movements, the sound, and everything was just so amazing and perfect! It sure is on top of my list of the best movies I’ve seen. =D But I’ll not lose more words for it, because that is just something you should see for yourself and also I don’t want to write any spoilers… Go and enjoy the movie as much as I did! =D
So if skip from night to morning; I woke up quite early again, because on Fridays I have a class in the morning. Well I should be at school at 9:00, but that was when I just left the apartment. Whoops. I got out of the building and realized that the weather is just playing tricks with me, because it was so much warmer than I expected and so I was dressed a bit too much again. But how was I supposed to know? It was rainy, cloudy and windy weather, so sure I expected lower temperatures! Well it wasn’t raining that much, so I didn’t open my small foldable umbrella, because it was so windy that I knew it would destroy it right away. After I got around the corner I kind of needed my umbrella so I opened it and realized that it’s probably the last time I see it in perfect shape. It was like a war time for my poor umbrella. After 100m it was already damaged, though I was happy it was still useful. =)
Well I got to school 20 minutes late, but it turned out I was actually right on time, because our professor just arrived. I was so happy that we didn’t develop any photos today! Yay! Instead we checked some books with interesting photo series. I really liked one of them. After that professor showed us a large format camera and he explained how to work with it. It was interesting, but I really hope I will not have to work with it. I like living in digital era for a reason… =D Though I admit that analogue photos usually look better, but I just prefer working with digital technology.
After the class we all gathered at the school entrance and we went to Lisbon. The weather stayed that awful all the way and it didn’t get any better even when we arrived in Lisbon. We parked a car one of the parking garages, but then we had to go from underground to the street and walk to the Gulbenkian Museum. It was raining really hard, it was so windy my umbrella was barely still holding itself together and the streets in Lisbon obviously have really bad draining system, so there was a lot of water. So every car that passed me sprayed a lot of water all over me. After about 100m of walk I was already almost totally wet, so I was really happy when I entered the museum. =)
I just love that architecture! This building is amazing and I can’t wait to visit it again in hopefully better weather. I would also love to check the park, because today we just passed it and we couldn’t really enjoy it, since the weather was just horrible. Anyway, we came to see The Ages of the Sea exhibition of different paintings from 17-20th century. I was so happy when I noticed paintings of Turner and Friedrich, that are one of my favorite painters. Also there were others like Monet, Manet, Lorrain, Courbet, Klee and so many more. It was just an amazing exhibition! And the topic was really the sea, which is also love. So it was like a perfect combination of the theme and amazing paintings. I’m so glad we went! And obviously the water ispired theme was just perfect for wet rainy day as well. =)
Another thing I liked about today was that I talked a lot with two of my older class mates and our professor, because I was in the car with them. I finally felt a bit more like part of the class and part of the communication. =) We returned home in the evening and I was so tired that I just ate something and went to sleep a bit more early than usually. And it was very busy week, so as you can see all of my blog posts are published with some delay. =)


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