My knee is healing (day 82)

Day 82 – Monday, 10.12.2012
During the night my leg got better and I was already able to bend it and it didn’t even hurt anymore. When I stood up I was still careful and it still hurt a bit if I didn’t step the right way. I still had to limp, but it was much better. I guess I must be really lucky for such fast healing.
Even though my leg was better, I still decided not to go to school today, because it’s about 2km of walk and there is a steep hill right in front of the school, so I think that would be quite a project for my leg. Instead I spent most of the day in bed and I worked on Power Point presentation of Slovenia, because we have a trip to Peniche tomorrow, where we will have some sort of Cultural exchange and we will present our home countries to others. It took me quite a lot of time, but at the evening I managed to finish it. I think it will be too long, but we’ll try to talk a bit less than usual, though I think that is a bit impossible when it comes to Damir and me. But you never know, maybe we’ll be able to keep it simple. =)
While I was working on this presentation I realized that even if Slovenia is small country, we have so much to tell about it! There are so many typical things and beautiful nature and cities, famous athletes and artists. It’s a bit sad that we don’t appreciate our own culture as much as we should. I think we realize that when we’re abroad for a longer time and you notice how everybody is asking you about your culture and they think it’s so exotic and interesting. I’m not sure, do we get this feeling of national importance when we get older or when we live outside our own country. But I see now that I appreciate everything about Slovenia much more than I did few years or maybe even just few months ago.
So my day was mostly working with Slovenian culture and I’m really tired now, so I think I’ll just say ‘Over and out’! =)


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