Urban – Rural walk (day 80)

Day 80 – Saturday, 08.12.2012
I woke up at 8:00 today and not because I would have to, but because I actually woke up at that time. So I got up, washed my hair and did some laundry. When I hung all the clothes out on a clothing line, weather already changed from cloudy to really nice, warm and sunny. So I went out on a fruit market to buy some food. It was very crowded, but I managed to find some stalls that didn’t have so many people around. I bought some pears from an older lady and she wanted to give me a plastic bag to put pears inside, but I told her I have my own ‘saco’, so I picked some pears and put them in my bag. When I paid her she put another pear in my plastic bag, just because I didn’t take hers. These people are awesome! =D
When I returned home I picked my camera and went outside again, because I had to take some photos for my homework, but also I really wanted to be outside since it was such lovely weather. So I took some photos with theme Urban – Rural. I was taking photos of some plants beside the sidewalk when I noticed there were two cats just sitting and watching me. That was a bit creepy, because they just sat there and stare at me without blinking or moving or anything. Weird cats… The same thing happened again just around the corner where there were three cats sleeping under some car and when I stopped to take a photo of them they just stared at me like I’m an alien or something.
Anyway, I managed to take some photos and I enjoyed being out on a sun. It was really warm, I think I could be even without my jacket, but I kept in on anyway because it felt just right. =) But I think it must have been around 18°C, or at least that’s what the internet says. I wouldn’t know for sure because I still don’t have any thermometer.
When I returned Damir was ‘already’ awake. =) Later we had lunch and after that we decided to check some fair that was supposed to be in some hall on the edge of the city. So we went there and realized we had no idea what the topic or subject of fair was. I have to admit, I still don’t know it. It was a lot of different stuff. There were clothes, furniture, decorations, jewelry and even some VW cars. But it was nice to see it because some things were really nice and interesting. And that was pretty much it for the day. Now I’m just sitting in my room enjoying hot tea. =)


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