Morning starts with optimism (day 79)

Day 79 – Friday, 07.12.2012
Alarm clock at 7:40… Sleep button. 7:45. Sleep button. 7:50. Set alarm clock to 8:00. 8:00. Well it was about time I really got up. And I thought to myself: “Damn you morning! I don’t want to wake up! I hate this!” But then I remembered all the positive thoughts and quotes I wrote yesterday and I changed my thoughts to: “It will be a great day! It’s a nice morning!” And I kept on telling that to myself for the whole morning, even though I was still a bit lazy and sleepy or as I say it in “sloth mode”. =)
I knew I’ll not be on time at school, but I knew that everybody is late at this class. So I arrived to ESAD at around 9:15 and I was the first student that arrived. I was really surprised and I asked professor if I’m really the first one and he said that yes. He said he doesn’t like the fact students arrive late, but that nothing really helps. He yelled at them once and it helped just a little bit. But I think he should do that again, otherwise people arrive really late, sometimes even about two hours late. It’s not fair to us that do arrive (quite) on time.
Well anyway, I have to tell that I got dressed in two light shirts and a sweater today. I thought that will be enough to feel comfortable about the temperature in school, because it’s usually quite cold in the dark room. Then I put my winter coat over and a cotton scarf around my neck. Nothing unusual I’d say. It’s December anyway. Oh surprise, surprise. It was warm outside and I actually started to sweat on my way to school. If I knew I’d put just a normal jacket over or something! =D And when I was walking home it was the same, even warmer. It was actually cloudy day and it was raining just a little, so I really didn’t expect it to be around 18°C outside! But I liked it. =) And here and there even some sun looked from behind the clouds. =)
So all that talking about how my day will be nice… It was. I actually had a nice time with developing my photos. It wasn’t super fun, but it was ok and I wasn’t annoyed by it. =) Then professor didn’t say anything bad about my work, he was ok with it and I think he actually quite like it. I like him, even though I realize that he’s the kind of person you don’t want to mess with and I’m really trying not to do anything that would change his attitude towards me. So far he has been really nice to me. Though I do feel a bit left out in a class sometimes, because everybody is talking in Portuguese and they make jokes and they get along nice, but I can’t fit in because I have no idea what they are saying. So I feel a bit asocial just being on a side most of the time. But at least they don’t ignore me and they talk to me from time to time. =)
Before I went home I decided do go to a shop and I bumped into one of my classmates from Monday classes. I feel a bit bad because I don’t know her name and we actually never really talked, but this is a second time we met outside the classroom. She’s really nice and she stopped, said hello and gave me those ‘Portuguese kisses’ on a chick. We talked a little bit and she really made my day by just being so happy and positive. When I was walking from the shop back home I bumped into her again and we laughed. =)
When I returned home Damir surprised me with roasted chestnuts again. So nice of him! =D So I didn’t have to cook my lunch right away. Then I spent some time just watching Friends series again and simply enjoyed the relaxed afternoon. And I talked to my brother a bit and I just love it how we always share some funny photos or funny videos, so it’s a constant laughter. =D We do that when I’m at home too, but I think now that I’m away from home we do it even more often. I miss those moments when we sit in a room and just watch something funny and we laugh together. I think that will be one of the first things to do when I return. =)
Now I decided to watch a movie The Secret again. I read a book few times, I read The Power, now I’m reading The Magic, but I still have to check the movie from time to time. It’s a fast was to refresh my knowledge and get some more optimism boost. =)


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