Quotes on my wall (day 78)

Day 78 – Thursday, 06.12.2012
In the morning Gaja packed last few things and went on a train to Lisbon. She has a flight tomorrow and she’s going home for holidays. She will return at start of January. So now we lost a ‘family member’ for a month and it’s only Damir and me. But still, I was in cheerful mood today and I decided to write some nice quotes on small papers and stick them on my walls in a room. Some that are about starting a day with positive energy are above my bed and others above my desk. I felt a bit creative when writing these quotes, because I did that with colour pencils and when I use those I always feel like a kid. I used colour pencils a lot when I was a child. =)
And I made my ‘Gratitude Book’ today and started to write a lot of things that I’m grateful for. It’s a tip from a book The Magic, and I know it was mentioned in previous books by Rhonda Byrne, but I never actually had a special book just for this. So I decided to do that now and it just feels nice and right, so I will keep on writing in it. =)
In the afternoon I should have a class of Digital Photography, but I don’t know, I was in a bit weird mood and a bit like in my dream world with all these colour pencils and happy thoughts. I guess I didn’t want to ruin that, so I stayed at home. I’m sure I didn’t miss anything important and I’ll bring all my homework next week so I think it should be ok. I don’t have to be miss perfect great student all my life. I can get some days off sometimes! =P So yes, I stayed home and I liked it. And I spent quite some time cleaning most of the apartment today, so I did something for the ‘general good’ too. =)
I’m adding some photos of my quotes on a wall and my new paper lamp that I bought yesterday. And I have to say that I just love this feeling of happiness for no particular reason. You know, when you’re just simply happy and you don’t worry about anything at all! That’s how I feel most of my days here in Portugal. But I’m only human so I’m allowed to have some bad days here and there you know. =) Just for the information. =)

Quotes above my desk.
Quotes above my desk.
My room with new paper light and my big blue ball. =)
My room with new paper light and my big blue ball. =)
Quotes above my bed.
Quotes above my bed.

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