Christmas spirit (day 77)

Day 77 – Wednesday, 05.12.2012
I have no idea why, but I slept until 10:00 in the morning and that is really not my usual hour of waking up. I felt a bit bad about sleeping longer, but well, it doesn’t really matter since I had no class in the morning. =) Then I decided to be a little creative and I made a paper Christmas tree and I even drew some Christmas ornaments on it. Now we have a special, modern and artistic Christmas tree. Though Damir and Gaja didn’t know what it was until I told them. =D Haha!
After I finished my homework for Portuguese language course I went to some shop because I wanted to buy colour pencils and that plastic thing for the kitchen that you mash potatoes with. Well in the end I bought those pencils, small notebook and a rice paper light for my room. When I returned home I put on my new light that cost me 1.50€, but it totally makes my room cuter. But I still can’t believe I didn’t get that thing for mashed potatoes. I went to some other shop and they didn’t have it as well. I guess people here don’t use. I’ll check some other shops these days because I want my mashed potatoes and mashed chickpeas! =)
Anyway, we had our language course later and we did some hearing exercises and I just kept on laughing when I heard them. It was so weird to listen and trying to understand everything at the same time. =) I don’t know, everything just seemed funny today. =D On our way home we talked to our Norwegian Erasmus friends a bit, then I wanted to take some photos of light painting but I have no idea what I was doing wrong so it didn’t work out as it should. It was something with camera settings and that shutter release adapter. I’ll solve the problem and shoot some other time again. But at least I took some photos of Christmas lights through the city! =)
When we returned home I talked to my mom a bit. And I forgot to tell that she had birthday these days so I sent her a birthday card that I made myself. She got it two days after her birthday, but she was so surprised and so happy that she actually cried and that’s when I knew how small things often mean the world to someone. She was really happy and that made me happy even more. =)
Well talking about surprising people. Today is the evening when St. Nicholas usually brings presents and so when I got to the kitchen ‘miraculously’ pair of socks for Damir and Gaja appeared ‘under’ our Christmas tree. =) So there you go, my day.

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