Sunny monday turns cloudy (day 75)

Day 75 – Monday, 03.12.2012
Well today started as a nice sunny day, but soon it turned out as a cloudy grey day and it stayed like that for the rest of it. Oh well, at least it wasn’t windy and too cold. It was like a usual autumn day, though it’s actually already winter and it’s snowing in Slovenia. So I guess I have nothing to complain about. But when I think about it a bit, I think I actually miss snow a little. You know, just watching small snowflakes falling down and when everything is white and there is a fireplace making this cozy feeling in the house… Yes, I miss that.
Anyway, I didn’t do anything really worth mentioning in the morning exept maybe editing some more photos and saving some on them on my USB, so I’ll be able to print them and take them to school. Gaja and I decided to go to school a bit later because we didn’t want to just sit there and throw away our time again. But before we went to class we stopped at Vivaci where I wanted to print those photos but I couldn’t because USB didn’t work. Oh well, next time I guess… So I have to bring my photos to the class next week. We stayed at class just for a short time and then we returned home because Gaja had a photoshooting later.
I went on a mission of finding a hula hoop, but couldn’t find it at two of the stores I thought they will have it. So I’m still searching for it. I think I know where they might have it. And you might ask why do I want a hula hoop. Well I saw few videos of it these days and I realised I always wanted to learn how to spin it. I mean, I did that at school when I was a kid, but I never managed to spin it for a long time. So I decided I’ll buy it and try to master it now. =) I just hope I’ll be able to get it somewhere around here. =)
So I spent most of my evening just watching some series and when Damir returned back from school we hanged out in a kitchen a bit. Well, not just a bit, I think it was about two hours of chat, because when you put two people that can talk all the time in the same room, it’s almost never ending talk… =)
And here are some more photos that I took yesterday at the park, but I edited them today.

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