Green grounds and fallen leaves (day 74)

Day 74 – Sunday, 02.12.2012
Another sunny morning and again time for some laundry. We have these sunny days for this because nobody knows how long they will last. After my workout exercises I decided to go out a bit and take some photos. So I went to that large park behind the hospital and this time I took my Canon 60d with me, because I didn’t go jogging and I could afford to take a larger camera. =)
I think I spent about a hour or hour and a half in that park. I really enjoyed it because it is simply beautiful park and it was just perfect because of the sun. To me it looks just like from a fairytale and colours there are amazing. Green grounds with orange fallen leaves and clear blue sky… Amazing. So today there is just few photos because I decided to take a bit more time for editing them and so I couldn’t edit a lot more. I’ll post some more of them tomorrow.
Anyway, after my photo mission I returned home and had some lunch. I also gave our kitchen some winter spirit by posting those paper snowflakes on a window, just as I did in my room yesterday. It is snowing in Slovenia today, so I brought some snow to our apartment too. =)
Later I talked to my family on Skype, because my mom was having a small birthday party and all of my reletives were there, so it was really fun to see them all! I even saw my cousins daughter and she’s growing so fast! When I’ll return she’ll probably already talk and say whole sentances. For now she was just looking at computer monitor all confused how is it possible that something from the monitor is calling her name and waving to her. =) So it was really nice to get some ‘family love’ from everybody. =)
Well most of the evening I spent editing following photos and that’s pretty much it for today. But I think it was nice and productive day and finally I really took time to play with photo editing possibilities. Though I know I could do even better if my laptop monitor wouldn’t be that bad and poor machine is just suffering when editing raw photos… New laptop next year, definitely.

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