Faking snowflakes (day 73)

Day 73 – saturday, 01.12.2012
So today we woke up in sunny morning without any clouds in a sky. I made some morning exercises and then I went to the shop. On my way there I bumped into two Erasmus colleagues in the city center and we talked just a little bit. But it was really nice to walk through the city on this sunny morning. It was very windy, but not very cold. Well, I enjoyed it. On my way back I stopped at the fruit market and there were so many people! There were more stands than usually and it was so crowded. Even the traffic in that area was crazy and it was like a rush hour. Obviously everybody went out of the house after that horrible weather yesterday. =)
On my way home the wind started to blow even more and I was walking like a penguin or something like that. It was a lot like bora wind that we often have at Slovenian coast. But the wind didn’t blow me away and I managed to get home. =)
I spent quite some time in the afternoon working on paper snowflakes that I put on the window. It’s December now and I need some holiday spirit at home, since the weather outside is totally different than what I’m used to at home. I already put some snowflakes on my window, but tomorrow I’m going to put on some more. Also Damir and I decided to somehow make an improvised and cheap Christmas tree, but we still have to figure out how to do it. For now it’s enough that we agree on the idea of Christmas spirit in apartment. =)
Since it was sunny and windy throughout the day it was really great idea I put some clothes to washing machine. They were all dry before the sun went down and that’s quite an accomplishment for the last couple of days. =) Oh and also I did some homework for Portuguese language course. We got quite a lot of homework the last time so I had to start doing it. And that’s great, because now I’m a bit more forced to learn and I think slowly I’m actually making some progress. =)

Making snowflakes.
Making snowflakes.
Snowflakes shadow on my wall. =)
Snowflakes shadow on my wall. =)
Snowflakes on my window! =D
Snowflakes on my window! =D

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