Wind, rain and hail (day 72)

Day 72 – Friday, 30.11.2012
There was a huge storm during the night and I think that twice the power went off, so alarms in all shops around went off and I was just happy that they managed to turn them off quite fast. But the weather was just crazy and it was actually a thunderstorm in the end of November. In the morning I woke up like it’s the toughest thing to do and I prepared myself some breakfast, but I was in no mood to developing photos at all. I knew we would develop photos again and I’m just so tired of working with those chemicals. So I decided to skip the class this one time… I rather went back to bed for few more minutes. Gaja went to class alone this time.
Oh boy was I happy I skipped the class! As Gaja told me it was two hours of doing nothing and then developing photos again. It seems that’s what we’ll be doing for the whole next month as well, so I’ll just have to live with that. But the whole morning it was raining outside and from time to time it rained really hard. Damir and I just sat in the kitchen when we noticed our ceiling is leaking quite a lot, more than usually, so I put some plastic basins there. Then hail started falling and we could hear it falling down the pipes of our kitchen vent. Suddenly I noticed some of it fell through it and directly on our stove. I know it was a bit extreme weather and was very windy, but that’s not how buildings are supposed to be constructed. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that in Slovenia, even if the building was very old. But I noticed some comments of other Erasmus students here and all of them obviously had the same problems. Some had “pools” in their kitchens, other “waterfalls” on their bedroom walls. It seems these poorly constructed buildings are just part of Portuguese culture or something. Maybe we should just get used to it and don’t care as much, Portuguese people obviously don’t pay much attention to it anyway. I’m just happy that we’re in rented apartment and we don’t have pay for any fixing. =)
So yeah, today it’s crazy outside and I’m just happy that I didn’t go to school because Gaja was just on her way back home when the hail started falling. I’m just camping in my room, watching movies, surfing on the internet and working out and exercising a bit. At least something useful… =) I’m really the kind of person that doesn’t like to go outside when it’s raining. Unless I have to, or if it’s warm weather, not when it’s cold and windy… =S


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