Roller blinds activated (day 71)

Day 71 – Thursday, 29.11.2012
I realized that my window has a roller blind and I decided to close it through the night, because I assumed it might help with all the moisture and dew on a window. And I think it actually worked, because in the morning there was almost no dew. But the downside of this is that in the morning I just want to sleep and sleep and never get out of the bed. If I can see it is light outside I wake up so much easier. But if this is what I need to do to solve the moisture problem, well, I’ll just have to live with it.
I spent most of the morning daydreaming, surfing on the internet and exercising on my ball after a while. After the lunch Gaja and I had a class of digital photography and it was another boring class. It’s been three or four weeks in a row that we didn’t do anything worth mentioning and that we just sat there while our professor checked some photos of individually. Well it’s nice that he checks our works, but it’s boring if it means you sit there for two hours doing nothing. But after that we did some basics in Photoshop for a change, though it was really just basic stuff that I already knew.
On our way back home we stopped at Vivaci because Gaja wanted to check for a winter coat or something warm to wear now that the temperatures got a bit lower. And as far as we know it will get even colder these days. But when I think about the winter temperatures back in Slovenia I know it’s still ok. =) If I don’t need to put on hosiery it’s still warm enough. =)
So that’s it for today. I’m a bit lazy since I returned from Lisbon. But I think it might also be a bit because of the weather. Oh well, I don’t mind some lazy days. =) It’s not like I’m throwing them away, but at least I’m trying to spent my time on the internet a bit more useful and educational. =)


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