More Lisbon photos (day 70)

Day 70 – Wednesday, 28.11.2012
My room window was full of dew again. This time it was even worse than yesterday. I opened the window for few minutes but it didn’t help much… And again through the day weather kept on changing and I think it was even worse than yesterday. I’m really not used to this kind of weather and moisture situations. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it. And when it gets cold in my room I just get in the bed and cover myself with a blanket and it’s better right away. =)
Oh and early in the morning some workers started to fix a roof right under our windows and all their machinery was really loud. Through the day it got even worse because they started to work with concrete breaker and while they were doing that, lights in our apartment were flashing all the time. And they kept on working despite all the weather changes through the day. And twice this day power went off but luckily the electricity returned in few seconds. Though it’s really annoying that alarms in all the shops around go off in case like this and it takes a while before someone shuts all of them down… So yeah, a lot of action today… =)
Ok so through the day I did some computer work again and also I edited some more photos from this weekend in Lisbon. I think they show a bit more the places and things I’ve seen there, not so much where I’ve been and what I did.
I cooked myself some awesome lunch again and after that I did my homework for Portuguese language course. I know, I know, it should be done days ago, but at list I did it! =P So in the evening we had that class and now I’m starting to realize that slowly I’m trying to understand some Portuguese. Sometimes I think I don’t, but I think I actually do. It’s much harder for me to speak, but at least I’m starting to understand more.
And I shouldn’t forget to mention that today our kitchen ceiling started to leak and so drops of water are falling down at one place. It’s crazy! Maybe Damir was right yesterday, maybe we should “abandon ship” or something… =) For now I think the best thing would be to put a plastic bucket under there so at least kitchen cabinets would stay dry… Ah Portugal, sometimes it’s just simply weird and illogical. =)


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