“Abandon ship” (day 69)

Day 69 – Tuesday, 27.11.2012
I woke up and looked through the window and it was a sunny day with clear blue sky outside. Perfect for washing some more clothes! But I have to mention there was so much moisture that my window was full of dew. But I think it really helps that I stuffed one sock in the hole of window frame. You can feel the difference if you put your hand there. I still don’t understand why anybody would put this kind of windows in their house, or why do they even make window frames as unpractical as this. Well anyway, I went to the kitchen that is on the opposite side of apartment and our machine washer is there. So I put my clothes and bedding in the washer and pressed start and so on. Soon after it started to wash I looked out of the window on that side of our apartment and realized the sky is totally black. So much for dry sunny weather when clothes dry as they should… After few minutes it started to rain really hard, then it stopped and it was sunny again… I thought it will be ok and I put the clothes outside to dry, but no, the weather just kept on changing every hour. It was like 5 to 10 minutes of rain every hour and it was sunny in between. And just when you think your clothes must be almost dry it starts to rain again and before you realize it’s already too late any clothes are half wet again. So before the sun went down I gave up and I put half dry clothes on a drying rack inside of the apartment. And I really wanted to have part of my bedding dry before the evening so I put it close to my night lamp and it actually dried it! That small light really heats and even I get red cheeks when I sit close to it. So now I’m drying my pajama close under the light. Student system of drying I guess. =D Or maybe I’m just a genius… =D
Beside the whole clothes drying project through the day I also went to the fruit market. Just when Gaja and I wanted to go it started to rain so we waited for about 5 minutes and it stopped. After that I went to Lidl and it was nice and sunny, but very windy weather. Just as I was across the street of the shop it started to rain so I got there just in time. While I was in the shop it was raining and when I got to the cash-register it was sunny again. Lucky me! =)
Other than that I mostly did some stuff on my computer and realized that I really need new laptop soon. This one works ok when I don’t do anything special, but when I use some more advanced programs it gets really slow and sometimes programs just crash… Ah, technology… And my blog got a view record today; 425 views! Thank you all for reading and checking it out! I never expected this amount of viewers!
Oh yes, and our kitchen wall gets wet when it rains, so there is part of the wall and ceiling that is actually wet and full of mold. We tried to clean that once but it didn’t help. But now that it’s raining for few days in a row there are actually drops of water and even some kitchen cabinets got a little wet. I hope we’ll be able to solve this problem at least a bit, or maybe we should just hope that the ceiling doesn’t fall down on us. =) Damir said: “Abandon ship!” =D


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