And then… Alarm clock… (day 65)

Day 65 – Friday, 23.11.2012
My brother and I were walking our dog in Venice and then I met with our mom. A bit later my brother joined us and our dog was not with him. I asked him where the dog is, but he didn’t want to tell us. Then he said some old man is looking after him at his house, but I kept on asking why and what happened. My brother told me that there was a German shepherd dog and our dog didn’t like it and he started to snarl at him, but then… Then my stupid alarm clock went off and I woke up and my weird dream went away. Now I will never know what happened to our dog! Stupid alarm clock…
It looks like I was forced to return to reality and so I dressed up, had some breakfast and went to the class. The same as last couple of weeks, today it was another day of developing photos from that medium format film… Well first thing I realized when I came to school was that I forgot the photo paper at home. So some class mate was kind enough to give me a ride to the apartment. Oh these Portuguese drivers… Even when you’re inside the car you still don’t understand how they can drive like that. It’s like speed up, break, speed up really fast, break, speed up, watch out for some old lady crossing the street, break, speed up, take a turn left really fast, speed up, slow down just a bit and drive into roundabout even if you see someone coming, but you obviously just know you’ll get in the roundabout faster than they will… Oh and of course you have to turn on the indicator on the roundabout, but not the right one when you’re turning out of it, no, you turn on the left one because it’s not totally obvious traffic in roundabout goes on the left side… =) So weird, funny and totally different driving than what I’m used to. =) But I have to admit, these people sure know how to park a car on a side street parking. They do it really fast and accurate. Amazing!
Anyway, I survived the Portuguese driver, even though on our way back to school both of us have been confused, because there are so many one way streets and some streets are closed because of some road works. Back at school we developed some photos again and I’m really sick of it. I had enough ok! And some classmate managed to shake a photo when moving it from developer to stopper and by doing that some of the developer got on my skin and I washed my hands right away, but I could feel a bit of burning on my skin. That’s exactly why I don’t like working with chemicals.
Well finally we finished the class and I was able to return home. I went to the post office where I took a waiting number. I was lucky that I think Damir once told me you have to take a number when you go to the post office. Well I waited for number 274 to appear on a screen and I asked the man on the other side of a counter if I could buy a ticket for Seether concert in Lisbon. He said that this concert doesn’t exist in their database or something like that. I’m not sure; he told me that in Portuguese. When I returned home I realized I somehow managed to mix the dates and that the concert is actually on Sunday and not on Saturday as I thought. And somehow the text that said you can buy tickets on post office just wasn’t there anymore. I don’t know. It’s weird. And I’m already totally confused today, so this kind of confused me even more. So I’m not going to the concert I thought I will go. =/
In the afternoon Damir and I talked in the kitchen again. It’s crazy. When we start talking we’re just like blablabla all the time! But I like it. I love to talk and I like it when other people talk a lot too. Then I don’t feel like the only crazy person around… =D Then I just packed a few things because tomorrow… oh… tomorrow… Guess what! We are going to Lisbon! IPL is organizing a trip to Lisbon for all Erasmus students and Damir and I decided to go. We will visit oceanarium which is allegedly the second largest in the world. The largest is in Japan. Anyway, we have a hotel book because we decided to stay for the night and so we’ll have a whole Sunday to explore Lisbon. So you should expect my next blog post on Monday and I think there will be a loooooot of photos. =D I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it… =D


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