Need more language practice (day 63)

Day 63 – Wednesday, 21.11.2012
My alarm went off at 8:00, but I just turned it off and decided to sleep a bit more. Then at around 9:00 Damir knocked on my door and I wasn’t sure why, but then I heard a weird sound and he was squeezing my exercise ball through the door. He borrowed it from me through the evening so he tried it out and sat on it. Well that sure was unusual waking up… =)
Anyway, I decided to spend my day indoors again, fill myself with some vitamins and drinking tea. I must say that it helped because later in the day I felt much better. I meditated a bit again and I could feel all the energy flow through my body. Looks like I really needed it. And also I wrote some blog posts on our school blog and on an Erasmus blog were we’re supposed to write something every month. I had a late lunch, did my homework for Portuguese language course and then in the evening Damir and I went to that course together. Gaja was still with her friends and they went to Porto for the whole day, so that’s why Damir and I went to the class alone.
Well as usual we realized that we’re not really following the class as much as we should. I mean, we try, but we don’t exercise enough at home, we don’t use it enough in real life and so we forget most of the words and rules until next lesson. We’ll have to get ourselves together and practice much more.
We returned home and Damir decided to roast some chestnuts he still had and while we were waiting for them to roast, we ate some kiwi. I bought it these days but it’s not as good as I expected. Maybe I have to wait a bit more for the right fruits… After all the food and talk I decided to watch some documentary about photography before sleep.


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