My monthly food budget (day 64)

Day 64 – Thursday, 22.11.2012
After few days of pause I finally got my energy back to work out and do some exercises with my ball. It felt nice. And I feel much better now. Even my sniffling went away. Yay, my health is back! I knew I will make it without any medicine! Just vitamins, tea and energy… =)
Anyway, since I realized yesterday that I need more language practice I did that today. I wrote all the tables and important things in one word document so they aren’t messed all around my notebook. It’s not much, but at the same time it is very important part of how I learn this kind of things faster. And as usual I managed to do some things on my computer and I cleaned my room a bit and so on. Then we said goodbye to friends of Gaja, because they had a plane to catch in the afternoon.
Well after lunch Gaja and I should go to some class, but I was so not in the mood for it yet. I just wanted to get my health on 100% before I go to school again. So instead I just enjoyed my free time at home, I went to shop and I went through my receipts for this month and I realized I actually don’t spend so much on food. I calculated quite right when I said I’ll use about 100€ per month, and it’s true. From start of this month until now I used around 80€ for food, so I think I’m doing really well. It’s worth cooking your own meal at home instead of eating out every day. And nobody can say that being vegan is much more expensive than eating everything. And not just that, I buy a lot of bio food but I still manage to spend this amount of money… People, stop with excuses, it’s not hard to eat healthy and still on a budget!
On my way to the shop I took some photos and here are some of them. It was really nice sunny day outside, though not as warm as some other days. But ok let’s face it, it was still quite warm. =)


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