Cloudy day with sniffling (day 62)

Day 62 – Tuesday, 20.11.2012
I woke up with a full nose and all my sinuses blocked. It started last night, but I thought it will pass. Well it didn’t and at first I thought I will work out in the morning but I didn’t feel well enough to do it, so I decided to try and fix this condition. So instead I put on some relaxation music and start with breathing exercise and did a meditation pillar. It’s meant to balance the energy in your body. After that I was already a bit off in so called alpha state and I decided to check my chakras. Well my heart chakra was obviously blocked and I knew that must be a big part of the reason my sinuses are blocked and all this stuff. Well I got it working properly again and it really surprised me that my nose and sinuses instantly got rid of all blockades. My nose was suddenly empty and I was able to breathe normally and my sinuses were ok again. I never felt this much of a difference simply by fixing my chakra. Amazing!
Since I’m sure that this chakras and meditation must sound a bit weird to some of you, well to me it’s not. I was interested in this kind of things since I was a kid, but I started to work with this kind of energies about a year ago and in spring I got my first Reiki level. I’m very grateful for it, though I should practice it more often… But I can see I’m making progress when it comes to dealing with energies.
Anyway, since I’m not at my best today I decided to stay at home and just take care of my health. So I was on my computer, I tried to relax, drink tea and ate more fruits… I know it’s nothing special, but I feel like I needed this day to get myself together a bit. And I talked to Damir a lot, again, as usual. =) Every time we meet in the kitchen we just talk and talk and talk. Two talkative people in the same apartment it’s one loud combination of words… =D Haha! Gaja and her friends went around with their rented car and they didn’t return until evening.
And that was pretty much my cloudy day in Portugal. I’m not kidding, it was actually a cloudy day outside and it was windy and now it even started to rain. It’s weird weather I’m telling you. And my sniffling got back so that means I need to deal with my chakras and do some Reiki. But I think Reiki will wait until morning.


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