Photo editing day… (day 60)

Day 60 – Sunday, 18.11.2012
When I woke up I just wanted to jump up today. I just felt good and I put on my sweat suit pants and t-shirt and started to work out on my awesome ball. =) I think I love this exercises more and more every time I do them. It’s just so much fun for me! Why would I pay for fitness club if I can do so many exercises with this ball and this cost me only 15€, while monthly fee for fitness is around 35€. You do the math!
I also put some laundry in the washing machine, because it was windy and sunny outside, which means that clothes would be dry at the end of the day. And they actually were. I have a special system of drying now. After about two hours I turn all the clothes around so they dry from the other side too and this is pretty much the only way to get them totally dry before the sun goes down. The moisture in the air here in Portugal is just too much. I’m not used to it and I don’t think I will any time soon. But well, we have to live with it.
I wanted to go out a bit, but at the same time that wind made me want to stay inside. So I stayed inside, but I tried to do as much useful stuff as possible. So I cleaned around the house a bit, then I edited some photos that usually just stay in the folder and you forget about them after a while… And then I entered some photo contests again and we’ll see what happens. =) And that’s pretty much everything worth mentioning. It was just a busy computer day. =)
Now I think I’ll go work out with my ball again. I think I might be a bit obsessed with it… But at least it’s a positive obsession and it’s actually good for my body. =)


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