Windy, cloudy and rainy (day 58)

Day 58 – Friday, 16.11.2012
You know that feeling when you wake up before your alarm clock and you know it will start ringing very soon, but at the same time you want to stay in bed a bit more, but you can’t because you need to use the bathroom… It’s so funny when I think about how stupid problems we have in the mornings. =D But I still try to say to myself every morning that I’m grateful for a new day, even if sometimes the weather sucks or the apartment is cold or I’m just still sleepy. Instead of our morning problems we should switch the mode as soon as possible. I think I’m doing ok on most mornings. =)
Anyway, I had to wake up at certain time, because I had a class. Well who would guess, we developed some photos… again… But ok, today I had a bit more fun because now I already know how to do it by myself and I’m quite happy with the end result. I think I’ll try to develop some more photos from the same film, because I actually really like some of them. =)
Well, I was at school for quite a while and I think that during that time the weather changed at least 10 times. When I was on my way home I had to close and open my umbrella probably about 5 times. It’s so funny weather. =) When I returned home Damir just roasted some chestnuts and he said I’m welcome to eat some. So instead of cooking lunch we ate chestnuts. But that’s really nice of him because I was really hungry and I didn’t have to cook right away. Well, I still cooked myself some lunch few hours later. Then I just enjoyed the lazy afternoon, while the weather outside just kept on changing from windy and rainy to just windy and cloudy… =)


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