Rainy and windy (day 59)

Day 59 – Saturday, 17.11.2012
Ah it felt so good to sleep until 9:00 today! You know, another grey morning when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. But later it became a bit sunny, but you know, like the usual Portuguese weather it just kept on changing for the whole morning. Well I took some time to edit some photos, write some emails and stuff like that.
Then I went to the shop and on my way there I decided to take photos of few facades of buildings, but I wanted to take photos of the tiles on buildings. I’m thinking about making a photo series of that, because I think this is very interesting and it is part of the culture here, but in Slovenia that is something you usually don’t see. I’m not sure if I actually like it, or is it just interesting. I think I’ll go with just interesting, because I think it’s a bit too patterned and it looks a bit garishly. Or maybe it’s just not my taste. =) But when you look at this just as patterns and not as facades on buildings it’s actually really nice!

Well on my way back home the weather changed drastically and started to rain a little bit and the wind was blowing so much you couldn’t hold your umbrella properly. So I didn’t even open it. It wasn’t raining that much. But I walked home really fast. =) Then I did some more stuff on my computer and later I cooked like a sauce with vegetables and mushrooms and Damir cooked polenta and we had late lunch together.
When I became hungry again I decided to work out before I eat something, so I took my awesome blue ball and did some exercises. Last time I felt my muscles for two more days and now that it’s ok again I had to work out again. And it’s really awesome! I love this ball! =D


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