Rainy day and I have to go to school (day 57)

Day 57 – Thursday, 15.11.2012
It was a nice sunny morning and Gaja and I went to the café nearby where we met with Ana, our professor from Slovenia. We really wanted to see each other because she’s leaving back home this weekend and Gaja is going to Lisbon in the evening. It was nice to talk about so many different things. I like this more casual and almost friendly relationship with professors and we’re lucky that most of them are like that. And I think it’s quite similar situation here in Portugal too.
Well after that I cooked lunch and Gaja packed her things for her trip to Lisbon. Meanwhile the weather outside changed drastically and the whole sky turned black. It became so windy and it started to rain really hard. ž

Rain drops on my window

Oh I hate to go out in weather like that, but I had to go to the class. So I walked to the school on this rainy day and I put on my boots that go up to my knee, but I still managed to have wet pants when I got to school. Also when I was walking on paved path in front of the school, one of the tiles moved and well, suddenly I was standing in a puddle of water. I didn’t realized that my feet are actually wet until I was sitting in a classroom for about an hour and I started to feel really cold in my feet.
I realized that most of my visit of class was throwing time away. The professor talked to me about my homework and the photos I did and that was done in few minutes. After that we just sat there while he was talking with every student individually. After two hours of just waiting there we had a short break and after that we realized that we will watch a documentary that is in Portuguese language again, but I have the English version already at school. So the professor said I can watch it at home. And that’s how I spent almost three hours at school for basically nothing. Oh well… I returned home and just rolled into my blanket and put another episode of Friends on.
Then Gaja said goodbye because she went on a train to Lisbon, because she’s meeting her boyfriend and some friends there. She will stay with them and they will come back here on Sunday. Later she sent me a message that her train broke down and she had to change it somewhere in between. What’s a chance of this happening? Haha! I just wrote her back: “Well, it’s Portugal you know…” =D
Damir and I went to CCC where Ana Sluga had sort of an exhibition of her short films. So we went there and we talked with some other students and we had a cup of tea and so on. It was nice and I got to say goodbye to Ana one more time. I guess I will not see her for at least few months now.


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