Fallen Angels (day 56)

Day 56 – Wednesday, 14.11.2012
So first thing in the morning was to change my clothes and start to work out. I did some exercises with my amazing blue ball and it felt really nice because it instantly warmed me up. =) Well anyway, after that I started to search some ideas and literature for my diploma. I know I don’t have to do it yet, but I like to start things early and at least try to find ideas and slowly develop my projects. Well then in the afternoon I got an amazing email that made me really happy. My video about why I decided to be a vegan got into top three on a competition! They said it will be posted on the website of Vegetarian Resource Group and that means a lot to me! It’s really an amazing feeling when your work is suddenly noticed and it just gives you this boost to keep on trying. =)
Well in the evening we had a Portuguese Language Course and we tried to learn some things, but I don’t think we really got the point. I guess we’ll just have to practice and practice to get it and finally be able to communicate at least the basics. We’ll get there… =)
After the class we took some photos on our way home. I had to do at least one photo for my homework and my area of photography will be like a connection between architecture and light painting. Well most of my chosen areas were kind of not what I wanted them to be, because of some street lights that just didn’t work as a plus for my photos. But oh well, I’m still posting some photos of tonight. Oh and when we came to the church I looked to the staircase that leads there and I was shocked because I saw something there in the dark. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, maybe a bag of garbage, maybe something else? Well it turned out it was a person and he (or maybe she?) was sitting there totally still. Then he started to move a bit and we were not sure what was scarier, him being still or him moving a bit. So we suddenly didn’t feel like going downstairs to the church door… =/
And since we had time and we were already outside with all the equipment, we played with light painting a bit. So that’s how we became fallen angels. =)


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