Weird stuff and my ball (day 55)

Day 55 – Tuesday, 13.11.2012
I think I can officially say that it got quite cold in our apartment now. We have to wear some extra clothes or roll into the blanket. We’ll have to figure out some heating soon, because I’m guessing it won’t get any warmer now. Anyway, I woke up, I walked to my window and I wanted to open it just a little bit so I’d let some fresh air into the room. Then I see a weird scene. Our neighbor was drying some fabric dolls, you know, like puppets or something. It looked really freaky if that is the first thing you see in the morning. =) I added some photos so you’ll see how that looked like. It’s always something new when I look out of the window. =D
Ok so I spent my morning on the computer while my clothes were in washing machine. Then I put them out to dry because I want to use these sunny days when clothes actually dry until the evening. After that I was a good student and I did my homework for Portuguese language class. =)
In the afternoon I went to the shop to buy some groceries and Damir walked me to there, but then he went to Obidos with his bike. He says it’s really nice there, so I think I really need to get moving and just go there already! I’ll have to ask our apartment owner if she would lend me her bike. Well ok that’s not my point now. I really wanted to say that when we were walking on a sidewalk we heard some weird noise. It was like the machine for shaving head or something like that. But then I looked up and noticed a really large black cat meowing really loud. So it was not a machine but it was actually some weird cat! It was so funny! =D
When I returned Gaja and I watched some documentary about photography and after that Damir decided to cook some chestnuts. So we had another awesome dinner. =D I know this wasn’t the smartest idea, but when chestnuts in my belly found their place I decided to work out a bit. I thought I would do that later, but I was really cold just siting. So I took my gym ball that’s usually used as my chair and I did some workouts that I found on this website that my brother recommended These exercises are really fun to do and they really pumped my blood because then I felt warm. So maybe we shouldn’t heat the apartment at all so I’ll have one more reason to work-out during the winter! =D Haha!


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