ESAD (day 54)

Day 54 – Monday, 12.11.2012
Today I went to the fruit market in the morning to buy some vegetables. I haven’t been there for more than a week probably, because I obviously bought enough vegetables and fruits for a longer period and also because I bought some things in a grocery shop. Well it was nice to visit the market again, because there is so different energy and people treat you much nicer than in shops. And for 2€ I bought enough potatoes for four meals, cauliflower, savoy, cabbage and few carrots. I’m sure that in shop it would be at least 3€ for all these things. But it doesn’t mean that if you buy food on the market it’s cheaper than in grocery store. Cheap are only the seasonal fruits and vegetables, everything else is usually the same or a bit more expensive than in grocery stores.
Well, after I cooked really good lunch with potatoes, vegetables and tofu “stakes”, we had to go to ESAD, because we had that class of photography that we usually really don’t like and it’s more like suffering than actually learning. Well this time it was a bit surprising because the professor was late only 10 minutes and he was towing a TV across the hallway. First he and all the Portuguese students talked about some photos they developed the previous time and as usually Gaja and I didn’t understand anything. Well the class got better when he turned on some documentary about famous photographers. We watched the part about Nan Goldin and Jeff Wall. Luckily for us the documentary was in English and it was actually really good. It was like a story of how the photos were made, the story behind them, how it happened and what they did in postproduction. It was good to see the difference between Nan’s spontaneous photos that captured the real life and then Jeff’s photos that were staged and very carefully put together, but in the end they still tried to look very realistic.
So we got our homework and half of the class has to do one photo in style of Jeff Wall and the other half, which is our half as well, has to do one photo in the style of Nan Goldin. So it’s like our camera captures what we see in real life, it has to look spontaneous or something like that. I still have to think about it a bit.
Oh, and today I finally took some photos of ESAD. I used our break during the class to take some photos in the hallway. These walls and windows at ESAD are really photogenic! =D
Well we finished class a bit early and just when we were leaving we saw Ana, our professor from Slovenia that is here in Caldas da Rainha for the last few weeks. She’s leaving at the end of this week and it was great that we met her, because she just had some time and so we went for a cup of tea in the town. We talked a bit about our projects for diploma and she suggested some people that could be our mentors. I really have to think about who would be the best for my type of architectural photography.


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