Chemicals in the air (day 51)

Day 51 – Friday, 9.11.2012
Why is it so hard to wake up before 8:00? Why?! I had my alarm set for 7:45 and I ended up cuddling with my blanket for 10 more minutes. I think it was quite smart of me to prepare my clothes and stuff for school in the evening, so I didn’t lose too much time with that in the morning. And I wore my new sweater that I bought in H&M in Lisbon today and I just love it! I think I’ll love to wear it! =D I know it’s just a sweater, but I still love it, so don’t laugh at me! =P
Anyway, we had a class in the morning and we made some contact sheets out of those medium format films that we shot with Hasselblad. I didn’t take any photos of that but I’ll sure post some on Monday when I’ll pick the contact sheets that I left at school to dry. I must say, not I’m quite tired of developing films and photos and all this analog photography stuff. I mean, it’s nice to do it here and there and it’s interesting, but two times a week for the past month it’s just a bit too much for me. And I just hate being around so many chemicals and then I wash my hands all the time and so on. Not to mention the air in the dark room. Today I just felt like I’m going to crash on the floor because of the horrible air in that room. I think after these classes, I’m done with developing for a while.
So after the school I was really happy to go home. I was just messed up because of that air. Oh and at school there are some awesome large drawings and paintings and some weird but interesting sculptures. Gaja and I took some photos of them. =)

So, when we returned home we cooked some lunch and later we went to the shop to buy some groceries. I still don’t get this system where you get as many plastic bags you want. You know, you have like five things and the lady at the cash machine just puts all the stuff in two plastic bags. You don’t even get the chance to put the things in your own bag or something. Well maybe I’m the one that looks weird to them, but I’m used to bring my own bag and I’m really trying to be eco-friendly as much as possible. I admit, I love being eco-friendly and I love to recycle. So yes, I’m still having a bit of a cultural shock when it comes to this. But I’m not giving up, I still insist on using my own bag! =D
I spent the most of the evening checking out some more episodes of New Girl series and I tried to watch some movie, but it just didn’t work out. I was in the mood only for this series. I really like it. =)


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