Evening of walking alone (day 50)

Day 50 – Thursday, 8.11.2012
Brrr, another morning when you don’t want to get out of the bed because it’s so warm under the blanket! I think it’s about time I try to do something about the inadequate isolation around the windows. Seriously, there is a hole where left and right part of the window fit together and its size is about 2×2 cm, so yes, it really is a problem. I have no idea why Portuguese people don’t pay any attention for things like these, but obviously they would make a difference during the winter. And I know it’s not only our apartment because we have seen how it is in other apartments around the town and it’s not much better. It’s weird.
Anyway, I swept the floor in my room and on a hallway, though we did all that only two days ago. We can’t believe how dusty it gets! We thought there is a lot of dust back in Slovenia, but seriously, that’s nothing when you see this. It’s crazy! Well, I even cleaned the floor with water though I very much doubt it will make any difference. I did it more for my own feeling of clean environment. And I did a lot of laundry today, but it was a bit of a problem because in the afternoon we all had classes, so I rushed home to pick up the dry clothes, but I was already a bit too late, because some clothes already sucked the moisture from the air. And I couldn’t believe it, but even after the whole afternoon of drying, some clothes were still quite wet! I hope we’ll be able to dry clothes normally during the winter, but I’m starting to get the feeling that will not be the case.
Today our temporary roommate Filip went home and it was a bit weird to say goodbye because we got used to him and just started to get along really well. Too bad he wasn’t able to enjoy his stay more. I guess now he has one more reason to return. =)
Well, as I said, we all had classes today and Gaja had a reservation for photo studio at school, so she left the class after two hours and occupied the studio. I saw few photos she made and I must say they look amazing. It’s totally like she would be shooting for Vogue! I can’t wait for her to show me all the photos! =D Well, when I finished the class I decided to go to one of the Chinese shops on my way home, where I bought some small scented candles, because when I light them they give me the feeling of warmth, even if it’s quite cold in my room. =) And while I was walking home I felt so great. I don’t know, it was nice to be alone a little and just to walk around when it was already dark and all the street lights were already throwing that warm light onto pavements…

I don’t know why, but suddenly I got this song in my head “P.O.D. – Alive” and when I returned home I just had to put it on.

I just love it when I have some sort of positive feelings for no particular reason. It might be simply because I’m happy and I guess also because sometimes I notice small things and feelings that just feel nice.
And now I just feel like listening to Linkin Park. =)


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