“Dreams of Californication” (day 49)

Day 49 – Wednesday, 7.11.2012
Well sure, all the good things must come to an end and we pay every warm and sunny day with cold, cloudy and rainy day… It was really grey day today and it got much colder. I think it must have been under 10°C, but I’m not sure how much because I still didn’t buy some temperature indicator. Anyway, my point is that it was very unpleasant and I didn’t feel like moving my butt out of the house at all! So I stayed inside the whole day, spent some time on my computer, enjoyed my first day on Pinterest (Everybody started to use it so I had to check it for myself and you know, these things just suck you in!), found some awesome online clothing shop and so on… =)
Since I’m just mentioning the Pinterest; I made myself a board that I named “Dreams of Californication” and I started to put there everything that inspires me about my dream of living there some day. =D I realized that these dreams just don’t go away with me growing up, they just stay and I believe in them more and more every day. I believe that everything is possible if you want it and you try to get it. You have to start moving towards some direction you like and the path just keeps on showing itself to you. =)
Despite all the laziness today I’m still happy and cheerful, though I really wanted just to lie on a bed for most of the day. Well I still had to get out of the house in the evening when we had our Portuguese language course. I’ll have to practice it a bit more otherwise I forget most of the things until our next lesion. I’ll be a good girl and I will not only do the homework but I really will practice more. I want to. So when I look back on my whole day, I really didn’t do anything useful. I just lived in my own imagination, dreamed and enjoyed that. =) I guess we all sometimes need some days like these too. =D


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