Oh these Portuguese people… (day 47)

Day 47 – Monday, 5.11.2012
Yay, sunny morning! Oh, I love it when that happens! =D And it’s really great that we have a kitchen on the east side so when we eat breakfast we have that soft morning light in there. It feels so nice, soft and cozy. =) Well I must say I was a bit surprised to find Damir and Filip already in the kitchen at 8:00, because I know that’s not usually the case, but I assumed they were going surfing. I was right. They returned home right around lunch time and they looked totally exhausted. Poor guys.
In the morning I went to Lidl where they had a limited offer for the electric water heater, you know, the one you can boil the water for the tea with. I wanted to get there as soon as possible because we noticed that things that are a bit lower price than elsewhere are usually sold very fast. But they still had plenty of these. Well I tested it and it works fine, it just takes a bit longer than I thought it would, but I think this is still much better solution than the microwave or the gas stove we have. Now we can have a tea party. =P
Ok so after lunch Gaja and I had that Photography class again. We came to school 15 minutes late and beside two classmates we were the only ones there. A bit later another two classmates came and a bit later we noticed the professor walking along the hallway really slowly. I don’t have that slow walk even when I walk slowly… Obviously he doesn’t need to rush anywhere; we’re only students waiting for him, nothing to worry… I hate this kind of attitude. When he finally finished his slow-motion walk to the classroom he ignored us for the next half hour. Then miraculously he sensed our presence and he said to us in English that we have to sign some paper for borrowing a lens for photo development. Ok…
Well our assignment for today was to make a contact sheet of the film we have and then to develop at least one photo. After one or two unsuccessful tries we managed to do everything right and did everything we were supposed to. I have to admit, when we figured it out we really started to enjoy the whole process of photo development! I just might buy some black and white film to make some more photos! =D
And finally we managed to talk to some classmates from this class. Some of them are really nice and some boys obviously met our friends from Slovenia that were here on Erasmus exchange last year. These Portuguese people keep on surprising us with their friendly and open attitude. I like that. Thought we also met some people that are really annoying and we can’t stand them, but you know, not everybody is the way you would like them to be. We’re different. =)
Ok so after class we went to Eleclerc and when we were standing in the line at the pay desk some old guy stepped in front of me. First he hit me with his umbrella, then he started to talk to me in Portuguese and Gaja and I tried to explain to him that we “No fala Portuguese” but he kept on talking to us. Then he stepped behind us and poked Gaja with his umbrella. Like that’s not weird enough he kept on talking in Portuguese language and asked us some questions that we didn’t totally understand but we tried to tell him that we are students at ESAD and he was obviously somehow fascinated by that. Then he kept on talking and talking and we didn’t understand 99% of the things he was saying. A man standing behind him was barely hiding his smiling face and when he looked at me and how I’m trying not to laugh he started to smile even more… =D So this was another weird experience with some crazy old Portuguese guy. =)


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