Playing with wide angles (day 45)

Day 45 – Saturday, 3.11.2012
We woke up in grey, cloudy and rainy morning. Actually the whole day was really grey and it kept on changing from rain to just very dense clouds. But I still insisted on washing some clothes today and I really hoped it will be as usual when we get at least few hours of sun, but today that was not the case. So I put the clothes on our drying rack and in the bathroom, but since our bathroom has no windows I realized all the moisture will just stay there. So we moved the rack to the living room and near the opened window. Well, at the evening they don’t feel any less wet. =)
During the day we went out in the park, we wanted to win our battle with weather and we had lost. Just when we got out it started to rain just a little bit, then it stopped and it started again, then some more… Ah, the weather here… =) But we still went to the park and around the center a bit, to Vivaci and so on. We wanted to show the town to our Slovenian tourist and guest named Filip. He also owns a Canon dSLR camera and he has some different lenses with him, so today he let me use his Canon 10-22mm lens. Now I know, I really need to buy myself some wide angle lens. For the type of photography I love the most, which is architecture, this type of lenses really are a must have! So thank you Filip for opening my eyes. =D
When we returned home we had some lunch, then I decided to edit some photos from before and I talked to my family again. That’s always a nice thing to do. =) Oh and today I checked the last episode of True Blood so now I have to wait almost a year for the new season to start. These series are crazy, they make you obsessed and you always want more!
Anyway, at the evening I cooked some chestnuts that I bought yesterday. I would go to the forest and pick them by myself if I knew where they grow. We even asked some locals about it, but it looks like we would need a car for that and even then we probably wouldn’t find the right trees, because we were told there is not so many chestnut trees anymore. So yes, I ate the ones I bought in the store and I have to admit they were really good! So I guess it was money well spent, though we really got them really cheap anyway. =D
And now… I think we will play some Activity. =) I hope everybody is still interested in it as they were an hour ago. =D


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